Chadkirk Cattery Building


A Cattery Unit

We are particularly proud of our bright and sunny cattery. All cats have windows overlooking outside areas, enabling them to view their neighbours and the variety of bird life etc.  All units are very spacious, lit, heated and split level. A bed and bedding is provided, although we are happy for you to bring your own if you wish. Each unit has a separate area for litter trays and there is plenty of room for toys and scratching posts etc.

If your cat is elderly or unable to get about, we can provide single storey accommodation.  

We feed twice daily or more often if requested.  We ask that you to bring your own food as each cat has different needs and likes and we don't want to upset their tummies.  Fresh water is always available to your cat.

Each unit is swept, wiped down and thoroughly disinfected daily and the litter trays are changed twice a day or when soiled.

We are open for viewing by appointment only..  We also accept overnight and weekend stays.


1 Cat per unit £13.50 per day
2 Cats per unit 

£19.00 per day


* PLEASE NOTE: There is a £17 minimum charge per booking.

Further discount is available for long stays.

All prices include Insurance and VAT.