Q: What should I pack for my pet?

A: We provide all pets with a bed and bedding, however we are happy for you to bring an item  that you feel would make your pet feel more at home, for example, a favourite blanket,  or a toy. Please note however we can not guarantee their safe return should your pet damage them.

Q: What is the best time to Check In my pet?

A: We would suggest Check In during the morning slot so that we have sufficient time to allow your pet to become accustomed to our staff and the surroundings. Our opening hours are 9-11:30am & 3-4pm.

Q: Do I need to bring my pet’s own food?

A: No, we provide top quality food to feed your pets. However, we are happy for you to bring your own food if your pet follows a specific diet. We have fridge and freezer space available for raw fed dogs.

Q: What if there is an emergency medical problem?

A:  Should any emergency occur then we will take you pet to our vet straight away. The majority of vet costs are covered by our insurance, so normally, no fees will be passed to you for payment. We assure you that your pets will receive the best attention available. Ongoing medication can also be administered during your stay - out of hours medication will be charged for.

Q: I have two or more pets. Can they stay together?

A: Yes, we have units of various sizes to suit all requirements.  As long as your pets get along together, they may share the same unit. A discount of 10% will be given to 2 pets sharing.

Q: Are the boarding quarters heated?

A: Yes, our units are centrally heated. Your pets will stay very comfortable no matter what the outside temperature or weather is like.

Q: What must I bring with me when checking in my pet?

A: The most important item is proof of current vaccinations from your vet. If we can not confirm that your pet is currently  vaccinated (this must include the vaccine for kennel cough), we will not allow your pet to enter our boarding facilities.

Q: Will my dog be exercised during the stay?

A: Of course!  All dogs are lead walked daily by our responsible dog walkers or let out to free play in our securely fenced paddock.