Chadkirk Kennels Building


Our individual kennels and adjoining outside covered runs provide warm, comfortable and safe accomodation for all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs. 
If you have more than one dog we have large kennel units which can accomodate up to four dogs from one family.  All dogs receive individual loving care and attention from our team. 

Every dog is exercised daily by lead walking along the surrounding tracks and paths or free play time in our securely fenced paddock or indoor play arena.(we do not charge extra for walking or play time). 

We stock a large range of dog food and each pet is individually catered for to the owners specific instructions.  We try to stick as closely as possible to the dogs existing diet and feed times. However if your dog has any allergies or intolerances it would be best to provide your own food. There are no discounts for providing your own food. 

We are happy to administer veterinary prescribed medication, also at no extra cost.

All dogs must be in possession of an up to date vaccination certificate which must include the vaccine for kennel cough.

Owners are welcome to view the kennels and cattery, weekdays by appointment and weekends any time between 10.30am and 11.30am.

Our boarding kennels are fully licensed and approved by the local authority.

Dog Walking - December 22nd 2009